Favorite Pictures 2005

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  Gargoyle was at the corner of Bell and 2nd in downtown Seattle. I thought it was pretty original until I noticed that it was on top of a reclaimed building parts store (no longer there) and the gargoyle was likely placed there by an employee in the last century. Me waiting for the Thursday Night Bicycle ride at Gasworks Park ...Uhmm is this like It's a Me picture taken on North slope of Queen Anne during a bicycle shopping trip. Magnolia is in the near background and the Olympic Mountains in the far background. I took this shot to send to Shimano to try and get the original laces (as shown) but it's a nice photo ... if you like bicycle shoes. I never did send it as I couldn't find an address for Shimano bicycle shoes. This is probably my favorite shot taken on a bicycle loop around Magnolia. I've taken many shots at this point and I like this the best. Kristin and Henry at the giant Salmon slide in Carkeek Park.  

  For many years at Folklife I have taken pictures of this mime who always is a welcome calm contrast to some of the noise and crowds at Folklife. It was only in 2005, when going to Folklife with my granddaughter, that I learned she would make movements when coins were given to her. Now I need some video of that. Another shot of calm in noise and crowds. Taken at the University Street Fair.  The couple called Roxane and Nadine on a March sunny day at Carkeek Park in North Seattle. Granddaughter Georgia playing hopscotch on the route of the Fremont Solstice Fair Parade.  I liked the juxtaposition of the expectant crowd and the loneliness of a young girl in the middle of the road. Here's what all those people were waiting for.  Naked bicyclists have been  part of the annual Fremont Solstice Fair parade for many years.  Bicyclists come in all flavors (male/female) and many are painted.  This pair (almost but not quite unisex) didn't have any body paint. They were quite pleasant - albeit just a bit sensual and not appropriate for work viewing.  I also like the bearded photographer (it's not me) who seems to have forgotten his camera for just a moment. I wasn't going to include this picture as the one I really wanted was 30 seconds before this picture.  This was at Greenlake during the summer at a professional Frisbee contest. Huh? These two had ridden up (these aren't real Seattle bicycles - they have no gearing and the riders aren't wearing helmets) and were standing still for just a minute.  OK I lost the minute but I still like the picture - pretty people with pretty comic bicycles.  

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