Favorite Pictures 2006

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  We took G to the Pacific Science Center at Seattle Center and went to the Tropical Butterfly House to get this beautiful specimen just snoozing on the floor. And here is another one having some nectar lunch. We went to the Oregon Coast in July and I went for an early morning (sunrise) walk. I love the primeval feeling of this photo. Here's a Me picture at a slightly different angle. A look in the opposite direction of the coast as the tide is going out. The Fremont Fair is always a lot of fun besides the naked bikers on the parade. This jolly man was magically making thousands of bubbles giving the children (and adults) a great amount of fun. More bubbles - snow in springtime.  

  It's ballet dancer G watching the action at a fine angle.   These two were part of a whole group of elves on unicycles but they were the best. Venerable Gasworks, I have taken many shots and this is the one I like the most. Ripe tomatoes at the University Market - Organic but probably Hot House. They taste as good as they look. Taken at Sunset Park as the sun is setting on a Thursday Night Bicycle Ride. This house (on Nob Hill Avenue in Seattle Queen Anne) has always eluded my attempt to photograph it's beauty and uniqueness. This picture is the best I've done. Now should I blank those wires? Seattle Autumn isn't exactly like the East Coast, but I tried to capture some of the trees changing and this boat came very nicely into the picture. I have taken many pictures of the View East from my deck (North slope of Queen Anne), but this one is special with full moon, clouds and city lights. Luckily the neighbors didn't have any lights on (for a change).  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were taken with a Nikon D70 and Nikon 4800 and are ©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - December 2006.

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