Favorite Pictures 2009

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  One of my favorite of favorites, taken at Folklife 2009 of my bicycling Fred Joe and 2 fine young women. Leo our One of my favorite foto ops - taken on the South side of Magnolia usually taken on my Discovery Park Loop bicycle ride. Lake Union with some boating action and the I-5 Freeway on the left and Seattle in the background. Carcreek park with Sandie on the lookout. Me taken in Seattle Center - I think.  

  Georgia Nadine The 2009 Thursday Night Bicyle riders captured at another foto op - Kerry Park. On the UW quad with the Thursday Night riders circling Jack and his enjoyment of it. Another favorite of favorites, taken at Scott's 20th Bicycling Ride anniversary in late August 2009. On the Southern side of Herman M. Chittendon Locks (Ballard Locks) in Magnolia looking North to Ballard. One of my first panaromic images (pans).  

  Fishermans Terminal outside of Chinooks looking North. Pike Market taken from the Market 2nd floor  looking West. I started making collages in 2009 (using Microsoft Autocollage program) and this is one of my favorites - taken on a Scott Moonlight Meander in August 2009. These are NOT my fotos (maybe one or two) but an accumulation of images I have saved on my desktop as I encounter them on the web. (If you have facebook - I have a annotated copy of this in my collage folder)  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were taken with a Nikon D70, D90, Lumix LX2, and Canon 1100 and are ©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - January 2010.

Note: The 800x531 images have been reduced in size and quality for Web viewing from their original large size. (The Collages are reduced to 1024x819 and the Pans are at less resolution - 1680xnnn) The size of the Web images vary between 70KB and 330KB. The prefix for pics: D70 - dsc_, LX2 - p10, Canon - img

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