Favorite Pictures 2010

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  Josh and Max at Discovery Park - Seattle Max at Discovery Park - Seattle When I took these pictures of Josh and Max. I thought I would do a triple combo pic. But after looking at it I thought I'd get some Gimp editting done(quite a bit!) for a single pic and this is the result. No I don't know who won the race! Josh, Max and Shauna at Discovery Park - Seattle Shauna and Josh a jumping at a Magnolia view point. Augie-doggie - (owned by Leah and Inty) on Oregon Coast Beach A fine pool moment, Shauna, Josh and Max at Oregon hotel pool. May be my favorite (although I like all my pics here) of a Honeymooning Couple(Kyle and ?)  who were crabbing in Newport and where I spent a few hours just watching them.  

  Josh/Max and their Portland friends with the Oregon Coast Cliffs in the distance. If you look carefully you can see Moes at Otter Rock. Morning fog makes the hotel quite nice! Georgia at a Queen Anne park - Seattle Nadine on a walk around Green Lake - Seattle. A view from the Fremont Bridge looking East - Seattle One of Scott's winter rides (not in 2011) at the Ballard Locks From Folklife - I like the way they look. It must be my appreciation of <a href=http://on.fb.me/h2GEKS>Spice Route</a>(a KBCS radio show here in Seattle) that made me go the Indian booth at Folklife. From Scott's Thursday Rides, I seem to always like the shots I take there. This is on the UW quad looking East.  

  <b>Pan</b> of Seattle from Kerry Park on Queen Anne. <b>Pan</b> of Foster Island which is a favorite photo op for me and also it's a favorite of UW kayakers. Hopefully this area will survive (520 highway construction) as it is also well beloved by birds - Robins and Crows who come here for their night time roost. <b>Pan</b> of Seward park looking South, even though this pan has a fault, I like it because it's got water, mountain, ducks and practicing board surfers. <b>Pan</b> taken  on the bike path to I-90 just past the University Bridge. It's a view of Portage Bay and UW looking East. <b>Pan</b> at <a href=http://bit.ly/g601zm>Fisherman's Terminal</a> - Magnolia, looking North on a cloudy day - These boats are not pleasure boats - they are working fishing boats. <b>Pan</b> of Seattle (missing Queen Anne and Magnolia) taken from the Seattle - West Seattle foot ferry while it was docked at West Seattle.  

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