3-4 hour nocturnal once-a-year Cereus Flowers
bloom on Queen Anne July 31, 2006

J+R originally had this Cereus plant but gave it to us when they thought they would be moving. The plant itself (5-6 years old) is not too pretty and is tall and gangly. Much to our surprise, we noticed the flower(s) starting at the end of July 2006. And to our great pleasure, it bloomed (with 2 flowers) on the last day of July. The whole process was truly magical. K likened it to the birth of a child.

You can find a lot about Cereus by googling Cereus.

We found that there are several forms of Cereus with the most prevalent being the Cereus Cactus found in the American Southwest. It is nocturnal and flowers only once a year. The bloom does have an odor which becomes more pleasant as it opens. Supposedely the bloom is made to attract moths for I presume pollination. Also the plants bloom if they are under stress.

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  22:00 July 22, 2006 08:08 July 31, 2006 08:08 18:43 18:43 18:56  

  18:56 19:05 19:23 19:23 19:36 19:50  

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  21:09 21:26 21:26 21:48 22:10 22:10  

  22:17 07:50 August 1, 2006 09:38 09:38  

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