Collages 1978-2011 (480x600)

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  Amsterdam at night in 1978 and digitized in 2011 ... tripod was used. Georgia and 5 year olds at Saturday Soccer 2006 Seattle Ferries ... WOMAD USA 2000-2001 - a wonderful world music festival held in Redmond Washington. Naked bicyclists (2009) but they return every year at the Fremont Washington Solstice festival parade.  

  Oregon coast near Otter Rock - 2008 February 15, 2010  - not repeated in 2011. A 3rd year play and recorder concert at West Woodland Elementary School in 2011 featuring Georgia - my granddaughter Paintings by my mother (Blanche Hoodes). - <a href=>Slide Show of the images</a> My favorite pictures for 2010 - <a href=>Slide Show of the images</a>  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were taken by Michael with Canon 1100 SD1100IS, Lumix LX2, Nikon D70, D90 and Canon S90 digital cameras and are ©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes

Several of these collages have been posted on my facebook page and are placed here so the large view can be seen. I also have collages of the Thursday Night Bicyclers.

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The collages were made with the Microsoft Research Autocollage program.

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