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November 18, 2006 - 20 Mile Bicycle Ride - Nikon 4800 and D70
  It was the middle of November and a sunny break day, we went on a<br>bicycle ride to a private enclave on Lake Washington (Madison Park)<br>and this is a picture of the Happy Adults on that ride. That's the 520 Bridge (Seattle to Bellevue) in the<br>background and Mark is feeling good! Another Me. K and I went to West Seattle and here's a cloudy windy grey day<br>view of Seattle and if you could look through the hill behind the<br>space needle on the left, you would see our house. An autumn sunrise from our house looking East. It was almost a full moon and this was taken one night looking East.  

Late October 2006 - Autumn - Nikon 4800 and D70
  Every Halloween this house on the top of Queen Anne puts a witch<br>climbing the telephone pole with a black cat hanging. And I always<br>take a picture of it ... gee I oughta do the same in my neighborhood. An autumn view of a Queen Anne street. I was trying to take autumn shots along the Cut which runs between<br>Queen Anne and Fremont. This one appealed to me the most. I am at the top of Queen Anne North Side. That's the Cascade mountains behind<br>me and you might see a bit of  Lake Union also. I took this picture of G to give her a shot of the decal that<br>she got at Seattle Center. I am the only one that likes it (not Mom<br>or Grandmom) but the reason it's here is I like it and I spent a lot<br>of time editting it with the Gimp. Can you do better? I am just not<br>100% happy with the edit. Take a look at <a href=gedit/gedit.html>the original picture.</a> K and I went to a Sonics BBall scrimmage at a High School in Renton.<br>I always like going to the scrimmages - puts me back in different<br>high schools and it's free! The big goofus with the red hair was<br>going to be our 7 Ft big hope - but he broke and will be out the<br>whole year. The Sonics are probably moving to Oklahoma next year.  

September 27, 2006 - 36 Mile Bicycle Ride around Mercer Island - Nikon 4800 and D70
  A bicycle ride around Mercer Island - a scenic house. Now here is the real scene .. looking South from Mercer Island. A stop at Clarke Beach (Mercer Island) for Lunch<br> (18 miles into the bike ride). OK it's a school day and it's about 1pm. Totally empty. <br>So much for a public beach amongst the mansions. Here's a tired me (I get tired looking at it)<br> at about mile 30 on the bicycle ride. Here's two untired children (Georgia and friend Lucia)<br> having a go at the Puyallup Country fair.  

September 23, 2006 - Downtown and Interlaken Bicycle Trail - Nikon 4800
  Bell and 2nd Avenue Seattle ... Foods OK, Colors are great. Hard to photograph, but I've captured a few here ...</br>Bicycling in Sun dappled tree lined space. This is more Interlaken drive (Seattle's first Bicycle path). Still another - A local calls this area Here I am in Still more sun dappled trees - Ain't it purty?  

September 22, 2006 - Pike Market - Nikon D70
  It was a sunny day and to the Market (Pike Place) we went. Waiting in line for lunch was this 16 month year old just staring at me ...<br>I had to take the photo! This is my favorite eating place in the market,<br> Russian and with stuffed cabbage and beet salad that's wonderful. Here's the inside of the cafe. Baking and cooking go on right in the Regal Master Louie. Still more Louie.  Does he look fierce or sweet?  

September 7, 2006 - Gasworks - Nikon 4800
  It's just a Me shot but I like it ... taken on the south end of Gasworks (see next shot) There is a wall of sun seats right on Lake Union shore. Here is still another (HISA) shot of Gasworks Park from the Sundial hill - that's I-5 in the background. HISA shot from the hill. Here's the sun-dial at top of the hill.<br>You stand on the current date and the shadow is the correct time. Here are the baby goslings ... hiding (in full view).  

September 3, 2006 - Bumbershoot 2006 - Nikon D70
  Essential Bakery - our favorite restaurant. Bumbershoot - 59 year old Bo Oddisey who is pretty<br>much there at every outdoor concert. Bumbershoot - Duhh thas me.<br>It shows a pretty empty audience (first show of the day). Bumbershoot -  I liked this couple who were<br>swinging red streamers at the side of audience area. Bumbershoot - The fountain is loved by mostly younguns<br>but all ages brave the spray on a warm day. Bumbershoot - More fountain can you count the water drops?  

  Bumbershoot - More fountain. Bumbershoot - Dancing robot mime - Sherri Brown<br>another staple of Bumbershoot and Folklife too. Bumbershoot - What a performance, 6 men from Senegal<br>with incredible enthusiam and sound called Gokh Bi System.<br>Senegalese Rap group blending traditional rhythms with contemporary ones. Bumbershoot - A young boy moving to Gokh Bi System. Bumbershoot - More fountain.  (Do you think I went in the water?) Bumbershoot - A final fountain shot. The sun is setting and the teens are taking over.  

September 2, 2006 - Gasworks - Nikon 4800
  Lakeview east of Gasworks Park. That's a kayaker on Lake Union. A tugboat (or tuggy boat) at rest. I do like tug boats? Who doesn't? Oregon grape. They say you can eat them but don't try it! Mysterious pylons of Gasworks Park. Symbols of a past.<br>That is Sundial Hill and beyond that is Queen Anne Hill. I live on the other side. Closer view of the pylons. A Me picture taken from Sundial Hill (I rode up it) with Gasworks behind me.  

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