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June - Early August 2007 Bicyles, University Market - Nikon 4800
  Thursday Night Bicycle riders (Scott, Mark) walking our bikes through the Locks (Ballard to Magnolia) Thursday Night Bicycle riders walking our bikes through Myrtle Edwards Scuplture Garden as freight train was blocking our normal route. Infamous Canadian Geese along the Cut (between Fremont and Queen Anne bordering SPU) Me and the geese on the cut. University Farmer's market looking out on the street. University Farmer's market sample vendor wares  

  University Farmer's market sample vendor wares Nadine (Toots) stuffing her face with grapes and blueberries. A pensive me. Coco looking out Sunset Ridge (Thursday Night Bicycle Riders) And here's me with the Thursday Night Bicycle riders at Sunset Ridge And a Sunset taken from the middle of the Fremont Bridge looking up the cut towards the Locks.  

April 21, 2007 Walking to Foster Island Nikon D70 and 1 Nikon 4800
  Guess who this is?  Taken (w/4800) on a Discovery park bicycle ride a few days ago. This is a photo op for myself and many others - it will be different (lusher) in a month or two. Those tracks in the water are ducks coming in for landings. (Foster Island) Walking to Foster Island - That's highway 520 (Seattle - Bellevue) at top and in the middle is a tunnel under 520 (which is kinda freaky to walk or bike through). This area might be history as a rebuild of 520 might go through here. A redwinged blackbird seen on the way to Foster Island. And still another view West (sunset) from a block west of my house. And still another view East (sunrise) from our deck ... Wowee Zowee ...  my East views will be changing as neighbor has cut down a giant pine that used to be on the right of my East Views.  

March 24-29, 2007 (60° F) Bicycle rides to UW and Volunteer Park - Nikon 4800
  A view East from top from my alley - Queen Anne, those are the Cascade mountains, with US 99 Aurora Bridge and in the middle the green is Gasworks Park. Scott's casual bicycling group on the UW campus when the cherry trees are in full bloom. A rather unafraid (used to people) squirrel in his cute begging position. A squirrel just posing. A Squirrel close up - sorry about the tail. And here's a picture of me - check out the haircut and the good 'ol faithful road bike.  

March 16, 2007 A record breaking day (70° F) in Seattle (at home) Nikon D70,4800
  Looking West w/Telephoto - dem's the Olympics (one block away from our house is this view). Looking East w/Telephoto - dem's the Cascades from our deck. Yes Louie took a standing jump (8 feet high) ...neat huh? And here's Pappy looking a little white haired and bald. It's not a fancy bug but a Tulip tree (Magnolia family) flower bud. And yes our Bee colony is still here - this looks like a new born just enjoying the sun.  

  A bud of the Rhododendron bush. It's a Camelia Blossom ... we have two main bushes that bloom during spring/summer/fall. This is a daffodil. Purty isn't it? I have been doodling with a tripod and night telephoto shots .. this one is pretty representative.<br>The white line is a plane track  in the distance. This is the same as the previous except with a gamma adjustment ... neat huh? Here's a another night telephoto tripod shot looking East .. I believe those houses are in Bellevue.  

February 17, 2007 Walking around the block (Queen Anne) Nikon D70
  G running on the street below our house street. Looking West on the street below our house street. That's the Ballard bridge and Ballard behind. The boats are the ones at Fisherman's terminal ... they are work boats. G on the big wheel.  I actually found this being thrown away and I carried it home on my bicycle. Little N (Toots) on her special kid bike. G looking glamorous on the deck. I betcha you thought this is a me shot. Nah. It's my biking friend Robert who many others think is me or my brother and of course we go along with it. Well I do have a brother Robert don't I?  

February 10, 2007 Walking around Discovery Park Nikon D70
  The Cormorants have returned. I guess they used to come to these trees and when many of the trees were cut down they went somewhere else. But they seem to back for their summer roosting spot. Yes another Bicyclists coming up the path which I usually go down on my bicycle. The Olympic mountains looking West. Mt. Rainier  

January 24, 2007 Bicycle Ride around Discovery Park Nikon 4800
  I haven't sent you a picture of this tree which I have adopted through my photos. This shows it's location.  I have tens of pictures of it in all seasons which will be a web page some day - entitled Here is a little closer look at it's skeletal beauty. Guess who.  Yup it's me. This a view looking west - those mountains are the Olympic Mountain Range. This is another view West,The far horizon is Bainbridge Island. The sunlit area in the middle of the far horizon is Murden Cove (Named in 1856 by a U.S. Coast Survey for a beach dweller who lived there.) Look for Manitou Beach Road or Murden Cove Road on a map. The sky is wonderful - Seattle does not have nice skies usually - too often it is featureless grey. This is view South and of course the volcano Mt. Rainier.  

January 12, 2007 Assorted - Nikon 4800 and D70
  Actually Christmas 2006, J+G at a local park in Ballard. That's G in the tire and J pushing. On a Cold Winter Day (CWD) on a hill in Seattle's Asian Town. Same CWD another view. Same CWD looking down the street, on the bottom is Pioneer Square and Ferry Terminal and off in the distance is West Seattle and finally in the far distance snow capped Olympic Mountains. Here's Leo (the And here's your Poppa with his super rain hat - a Seattle Sombrero, wearing a leather jacket since my favorite black jacket's zipper broke and if you look carefully you'll see one bucket of bamboo is missing (we have 3) as it fell off the deck in the November winds and we haven't put it back yet.  

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