Search for a 12oz Duralex Juice Glass
The Search has ended!

Some time in the last decades of the last century (Sounds good doesn't it?), I purchased 4 Duralex juice glasses. They were supposed to be unbreakable and indeed they survived multiple falls and lasted over 20 years; two broke from a fall into a sink or tile floor, the last one was murdered by a big mug in the dishwasher - very sad ... but life (even glasses) does go on.
These glasses are from a long gone glass store on 15th Street at 6th Ave in NYC or a fine little shop in Amsterdam called dis 'n dat on Utrechstraat/Prinsengracht which I suspect is also gone. They are manufactured by a French company called Duralex which is still making glasses but not these (to the best of my knowledge).

A simple juice glass Here is a picture of the remaining glass ...
It's measurements:
  • 125mm (5 inches) high
  • 75mm (3 inches) wide (top diameter)
  • Volume is 350mL (12oz)
being measured
A sexy glass Finally here's a sexy shot of the glass (Gosh you didn't know inanimate objects could be sexy ...did you?) You can see it's age and almost see it's skeleton which makes it hard to break.

Now why am I showing y'all this simple glass? Because I want to buy some more and here in Seattle I have been unable to find them. So if you know of a place which has glasses like these please

Summary of Duralex Distributors and
Factories noted on this page
USA/Delaware Duralex, USA
USA, UK, DE ... Amazon: USA, UK, DE
La Chappele, France Duralex International France
  1. It's November 2013 and due to a request from Maarten (NL) for a link to purchase some glasses I checked out my current links. In my search I found that the links I had made to Brazil, England, Portugal and Netherlands were all bad! To my amazement I found that Amazon is now selling the glasses, I made links to the order pages for Amazon USA, UK and Germany in my "Summary of Duralex Distributors" table above. Amazon International probably has the glasses also. So as long as you don't mind Amazon, it's now the best worldwide solution to purchase the glasses.
  2. Good News in 2012 The Search has ended!again. In April, 2012 a reader of this page (Stowe) informed me of success with Duralex, USA which I have verified in May, 2012 with an actual order. These are the original glasses - although they measure 11.5 ounces.(I guess I have failed at Chemistry 101 - measuring correct volume!grin I have checked the site today (June 2012) and it does appear to be active and running. I will be informing all the readers of this page who emailed with request for a source of the glasses with the news that ordering is possible. Once again, order soon as it is possible this source will become obsolete - hopefully not for a long time!
  3. Unfortunately on November 25, 2007 it appears that the USA source is now OUT OF STOCK. I tried ordering a set for a Christmas gift. What is interesting is that it appears that there are many web sites offering the glasses all going through - all are also Out of Stock! Hopefully they will be available in the future but I am not very positive about that.
  4. In August of 2007, John from Lummi Island (WA) who is a Duralex Picardie fan (not the style of the glasses above) gave me some good links to a new Duralex site in France and a good review of picardie. I couldn't find "my" glass in the factory site but it has a large catalog and some good information about the history of Duralex and the process of manufacture.
  5. In January of 2007, an Israeli physics professor provided the following insight to the structure and longevity of the Duralex glasses:
    "I am afraid that your last glass is about to break soon as well, probably as easily as any ordinary glass. The "secret" of Duralex is that the tempering introduces compressive internal stress into the glass. What is that good for? Glass resists very well compression but breaks under tension. A blow to the vessel always produces some tensile stress. The internal stress neutralizes that. However, in the course of time (years, fortunately) the internal stress gradually relaxes until it is too low to be useful. That happens to vessels from the same batch more or less simultaneously. Thus, when one breaks the others soon follow. So, if you want to save the last one, keep it in the cupboard and don't touch it."
  6. Hooray! In October of 2006 A US Source has been found! Thanks to Doug in Philadelphia who told me about and the availability of the Duralex glasses. I placed an order for 6 ($19.50 plus shipping) and received them today(100406). I don't know the extent of their supply or how much shipping would be in Europe or Asia but (A Montreal company that does much of it's business in USA) is a great source of the glasses right now.
  7. In December of 2004 The Search has ended! I could say I found the glasses but the truth is that the glasses found me. Petteri in Tampere Finland e-mailed me and said he had 7 Duralex boxes of 6 glasses each that he found in his basement. He gladly sold me a box of 6! And it came quickly (13 days from Finland to Seattle - economy class) and in perfect shape. The good news of course is that I now have 6 glasses (Actually I have 7 glasses counting the quarter century old glass I still have.) which should last me for the rest of my life. (Famous last words ... now the 6 glasses will merrily find a way to prove me wrong..) But it is also good news that there are still 5 Boxes with 6 glasses each left (Petteri gave one of the boxes to his mom) and Petteri will sell them if you are interested.

  8. In November of 2004, Bormioli Rocco Glass Company (USA) informed me that the Duralex factory was no longer part of that company. In June of 2004, I received e-mail from the American distributor of Duralex Bormioli Rocco who informed me that Duralex still makes the glass in France but is not imported to the USA. However he offered to "see what he could do" and although a trip to London or Brazil for me can't be justified for a glass purchase trip, I'd be happy to have the glasses!

  9. In August of 2004, Martijn from Rotterdam sent me the name of a Duraflex distributor/kitchen supply store in the Netherlands Van Zwanenburg. From their glaswerk catalog item 120267 looks like the Duralex conical glass. Their order quantity is 48 which is too much for me. I was going to try and get less ordered but Petteri (above) provided the glasses for me.

  10. In May of 2004, Mara from Brazil gave me the name of the Duraflex distributor in Brazil Saint-Gobain/Santa Maria. It looks like the glasses are available but I would have to contact them or distributors/stores in Brazil and my Portuguese is pretty non exitant!

  11. In February 2004, I thought I had found my Duralex glass in a container for Pruno - a prison wine.

  12. I eventually got e-mail back from Keemlaw and was told that postage to the USA (with contents not guaranteed) would be greater than 100 which is a bit beyond my desired price.

  13. In late November 2003, a web viewer in Sweden (Stockholm?) sent me what may be the best lead yet. Let's hope so. I have sent e-mail to Keemlaw Company in Kent, England. Item G33019+ looks like the glass I'm looking for. I'll keep you updated here - so far my initial e-mail to them bounced but I'm still confident these glasses might be the ones.

    Just thinking about it - isn't the Web amazingly wonderful? (other than pernicious pornography, international spam, viruses and the commercial flash traps). This quite lonely page has drawn informative posts from USA, Canada, West Africa and Sweden. Thanks again to all who have responded. Now if these are the glasses, this page will stay as an history but I guess I'll have to put another page up with another item I want. For those of you who have gotten this far, I have been working on a page called "My personal life mottos which is a ongoing work in progress and is only linked to from here as it is quite personal and I'm glad to share it with you Duralex Glass viewers.

  14. In the Summer and fall of 2003, several Web correspondents (USA and Canada) emailed me with some agreement and suggestions and a possible current source of the glasses:
    • An E-mail from Salimata told of buying such glasses at an open air market in Bamako, Mali West Africa 5 years ago.
    • An E-mail suggested to look on Ebay and second hand shops - Ebay hasn't yet shown non fluted Duralex glasses but I haven't stopped looking there or in the second hand shops.
    • One Canadian E-mail suggested that Duralex might be available as Corelle dishes.
    • From Heather in the Toronto area, came a source of Conical Glasses at a UK Catering Equipment web-site. Now the search would be ended if I wanted to pay 21.60 (plus shipping) for 48 glasses. Even if Nisbets would ship them to the USA and if they could pass customs - having 48 10oz glasses would be a bit too much.
  15. For many years this page existed and was cataloged by the search engines. However I made the mistake of listing the manufacturer as "Duraflex" when the actual manufacturer is "Duralex". A recent search with Duralex does show some possible alternatives for the 12oz glass I'm looking for. The web page above is now correct (04/05/03).
  16. In 2003 I actually found a 12oz glass and although it wasn't Duralex and it wasn't simple (the glasses were imprinted with European Hotels) I did buy a set of 4. However the glasses were as fragile as only thin glass can be. The glasses were bought (for a pretty penny) at a foofoo store so I should have anticipated the result.
  17. Thanks to an Ebay auction win in September of 2003 I now have three more Starbucks 12oz cups - a total of 5 which should last me quite a while.
    Is it possible that in in the year 2003, it's not a glass I'm looking for but rather a 12oz drinking receptacle? For many years my coffee cup of choice has been a Starbucks 12oz cup and I do have 3 2 of them (In May of 2003, while trying to get a "level" picture of the cup, I left it on it's perch (a fence post on our deck) overnight and it took a breaking fall). Can I buy a 12oz Starbucks cup? Nope - only 14-16oz and higher. I have alerted the flea market sellers so they (12oz coffee cups) might appear this summer. No it is not the original Starbucks mermaid logo I'm looking for - just the 12oz size! FYI Starbucks now has a bellybuttonless logo on the cups. The belly button (and the spread fins which were deemed inappropriate) was removed from Starbucks stores and merchandise in the early 90's but is still displayed in Starbuck's first store in Seattle's Pike Place Market.

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