Time Shifting Seattle Public Radio Stations

For the past few years (2004-present) I have been time capturing radio shows from some of Seattle's fine public radio (no commercials) stations. These shows are usually outside my normal listening time (i.e. 9pm-5am) and are 2-3 hours long. The method I use (I knew you'd ask) is using a TV/Radio card, the Linux Python script fmcapture and adding/modifying entries in the Linux crontab. I use a free mp3 editor mp3directcut to remove ads from the radio show.

Clicking on the show name below will give you a 1-2min theme or sample of the show using mp3 streaming. kexp, kbcs and kplu provide streaming of the shows which you can listen to anywhere in the world and they also have archives of past shows which can be played on demand..

The mp3ed shows take approximately 110MB for 2hrs, 165MB for 3hrs. I currently have over 207GB of saved radio shows. That's 3,763 hrs (157 days). What do I do with the shows? Primarily I play them during the day either on my computers or mp3 players. Sometimes I burn a CD for use in the car. But the best reason for the 185GB is that these Radio Shows will not run forever and/or I probably will not be in Seattle forever. The archived radio shows will be valuable to me in a future without the Seattle Public Radio stations.

RadioFreqDayTimeShow NameDescriptionDJ
kbcs91.3fmSun6-7pmEarly Music NWMedieval, Renaissance ChoralM.Obenzna, B.Simon
kexp90.3fmTue6-9pmWo' PopPopular World MusicDarek Mazzone
kbcs91.3fmTue9-11pmRoad SongsAlt Country, Rock, FolkRuss Thompson
kbcs91.3fmTh7-9pmMusic of AfricaMusic from AfricaDoug Paterson
kbcs91.3fmWed9-11pmSpice RouteSouth Asian - Bollywood Multiple DJs
kexp90.3fmSat9-12amPositive VibesReggae, Jamaican MusicKid Hops

Below are shows which I no longer time record.
RadioFreqDayTimeShow NameDescriptionDJ
kbcs91.3fmMon2-4amMelangeGreg Chants...PutamayoTerrell Riley
kexp90.3fmMon6-9pmBest AmbianceAfrican Music Culture ended 05/16/11John Kerster
kbcs91.3fmSun6-7pmMostly MedievalEarly/Ancient Music ended 05/01/11Derek Blackwell
kbcs91.3fmFri3-5amIndian PotpourriAsian, Bollywood ended 08/25/06Matrayi Joneja
kbcs91.3fmFri1-3amDub AwakeningsReggae,Dub ended 07/13/07Selecta Gro
kbcs91.3fmSat1-3amTrans Europe EXElectronicDragan Radulovic
kbcs91.3fmSat3-5amInca ColaPeru, SA ended 12/15/07Chris Peterson
kbcs91.3fmSat5-7amMusica de RazaMexican Regional MusicPatty Fong
kplu88.5fmFrSa12-5amJazz After HoursClassical JazzJim Wilke

Note: I have not left Seattle yet (2012) but several of my recorded radio shows (Red above) have ended for a variety of reasons. So my intent stated at the top holds true. I have several years worth of archived shows of Indian Potpourri, Inca Cola, Dub Awakenings, Mostly Medieval and Best Ambiance.

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