My personal life mottos

Life Mottos? Huh? Or maybe here are those statements (by people, songs, books, movies) that have stuck in my craw for my entire life. These mottos are somewhat in chronological order (latest at top).

  • I am listening to classical music again in a new way. Trying to help my brother with his access to streaming WQXR FM on his computer, I found the interface(below) really good. I then found a Mozilla freebie called prism standalone which enabled me to put a WQXR-FM gadget on all my desktops (Win7, Linux and probably Mac also). Here's the window (which is really a browser window without the frills and the big memory/cpu usage of a regular session):

    WQXR is a "good" classical station but what is great about streaming WQXR FM is that there are very few ads. What is best about it is that they offer the "Q2" channel which is pretty much 20th century music (and 500 years earlier too) from Dodecaphonic to Jazz. Putting the gadget on your desktop lets you easily switch from WQXR to Q2 or even 2 NPR channels. And yes it can be muted easily. Enjoy this while you can, I don't think you'll ever get such a sweet interface like this forever.

  • I have been time shifting some Seattle Public Radio station shows since 2004 and have a linked/mp3ed list of these shows.
  • Unfortunately for us viewers of Rocketboom, Joanne Colan has left the show on April 14, 2009. I guess I (we) have been lucky to enjoy the talent, artistry and wonderfullness of Joanne for almost 3 years. I hope Joanne the best in whatever she does and hope that she will remain in the public eye. I am not optimistic for a Amanda/Joanne replacement but let's hope Rocketboom continues. Finally a tribute to Joanne (a mashup by Rocketboom staff) is at:
  • Luckily for us viewers Rocketboom with Joanne Colan and Andrew Baron too has continued to be produced since July 12, 2006 and I still make it part of my daily regimen. The Monday to Thursday videos are news, observations, correspondent reports (Africa, Boston, ... ) but my favorites are "Freaky Fridays" (Casual Fridays) which show the creative artistry of Joanne and Andrew, Kenyatta. Ellie, Jamie and the Rocketboom team. Here are some Freaky Friday Videos I liked in 2006-2008(at least enough to put them on my phone):
       Shoelace7/21/06,   NY Fairy Tale2/02/07,   Backwards2/09/07,  
    Astroland4/27/07,   CP Summer5/04/07,   Sounds of Chinatown5/30/07,   Joanne¿s Conscience of Crisis10/19/07,  
    Perhaps I like them a lot as they show NYC at it's normalest which reminds me of the time I lived there.
    Does anyone know who created the Joanne episodes above in 2007? I always thought it was Andrew and Joanne who were the creators. Was there other persons involved in the episode creation? Why - Just my idle curiousity or to give those unknowns credit.
  • Video Blogging? Yup I'm normal ... for the past year(s) [2004-June 23, 2006] I have been following a daily Video Blog from NYC called Rocketboom. It's presented by Amanda Congdon and yes she is a very intelligent pretty 25 yo ex model and has been touted in NY Times, Wired, NPR, Rolling Stone, Yahoo, Itunes, Tivo etcetera. But what she gives each weekday is a 3-4 minute pc erudite presentation which is a pleasure to watch. Rocketboom might disappear (after all what is permanent?) but her current offering and archives are worth watching.
    Although the last Amanda Congdon Rocketboom was June 23, 2006, the episodes for 3 months prior to that date (with only Amanda producing) were not up to the high level of much of the historical archives. There was much brouha about Amanda's departure from Rocketboom production, take a look at her current video blog at and you may understand why I do not miss her. ABC lasted about a year and now Amanda can be found (2009) at There are some traces of her early rocketboom "fame" but she is thwarting that ("fame") by appearing with her brother.
  • Rural Rob in his April 18, 2005 LJ Journal described a lecture he gave to a Church about AIDS and AIDS activism.
  • Rural Rob in his LJ journal February 2005 (posted from another LJ user):
    What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second, their imagination, and third, their industry. -- John Ruskin.

  • Ramon Stoppelenburg is from Holland (Zwolle/Amsterdam) and kept a wonderous log and record of his 2 year world-wide travel at no cost at in 2001-2003. He published a book (Zonder een cent op zak de wereld rond about it (and other things) (Nederlands only) in 2004. In 2007/8 the book is being translated to English! The quote below on the left is the last frame of Ramon's 22 week compilation movie.

    Orgin unknown; in 2007 Ramon said it was by Satchel Paige.
    Click to view Ramon's 22 Week Compilation movie.

  • Lecture I wish I had seen (2004) - Larry Wall (Mr. Perl): The State of the Onion given at 2004 OSCON. It's not only that I am a dedicated XScreenSaver user or that I do not now do Perl, but Larry's "disjointed" verbiage meshes well with my thinking.
  • "May the longtime sun shine upon you; all love surround you... and the pure light within your way on...". It googles out to be amongst popular Quotations, Blessings & Prayers but I first saw it in big wall poster letters in a Golden Temple restaurant in Amsterdam's Jordaan district in the 70's. It is also sung by the Incredible String Band in "A Very Cellular Song" in their 1968 album "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter".

    A Very Cellular Song(13 min) from by The Incredible String Band. The "May the longtime sun..." sequence (the whole song is great) is at around 10 minutes.

  • "Keep on Trucking" by Robert Crumb, especially when said by Mr. Natural. And natch has been on my car (Rabbit) license holder for decades.

  • "Joy Joy, Happy Happy", by Ren of Ren and Stimpy.
  • "Laizzez le Bon Temps Roulez"
  • "With God on our Side" by Bob Dylan 1963
  • "Don't Look Back ...I wanna hold your hand" Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh in a video originally aired in 1978 on "Saturday Night Live". I heard/saw it on Nederlands TV VPRO - my teenage daughter was watching an MTV predecesor equivalent.
  • "No Woman No Cry" by Bob Marley in Live!. I first heard the song in the 70's on a record played by teenager Sylvain in Amsterdam.

  • "Messe de Requiem" by Gabriel Fauré 1887-1890, This stayed with me ever since I went to Victor's (An American artist acquaintance living in a boat in Amsterdam's Amstel River in the 70's) exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in 1978/9. Fauré's Requiem was playing continuously at the exhibit.
  • Movie: "Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt)" - with Franka Potente 1998
  • Movie: "Kings of the Road (Im Lauf der Zeit)" - Wim Wenders 1976
  • Movie: "Themroc" 1973 I forgot the title of this film for almost 30 years and just found it (2007) with a proper google search. Although the film is considered to be nihilistic, anachronistic and cannabalistic (so if you are a bit squeamish ignore it), the reviews and myself think of it as a weird comedy expressing an angst which I appreciated. (I haven't seen it recently as it not available in the USA)
  • Movie: "Death in Venice (Morte a Venezia)" - Visconti w/Dirk Bogarde 1971
  • Book:"Rememberance of Things Past (À la recherche du temps perdu)" - Marcel Proust 1913-1927; Taking the title quite literally, I have found I can never go back to places of my memory as places have changed along with my changed perception.
  • Book:"So it goes." - Kurt Vonnegut in "Slaughter House-Five" 1991
  • Book:"The Castle" - Franz Kafka 1926; This book has been my blueprint for the complexities of Phone Companies and other huge corporate entities. Kafka wrote about these organizations almost a century ago.

  • "I had one once but the wheels fell off."

  • "No Soap. Radio." - I don't know where this comes from - not a comedy group or song but at least one other person wonders also.

  • "Never whistle while you're pissing" - by Hagbard Celine from the Illuminatus! Trilogy.

  • "Don't run through the rain - walk it's the same distance." said to me by a fellow bus-rider (High School) - I think his name was/is Bruce Albert while we were walking/running to the bus as it was raining.
  • "Nobody Loves me. I'm going into the garden to eat worms. Yesterday I ate two smooth ones and one wooly one." are the words that were in a framed picture which hung over the commode during my youth (0-16yrs) in our Woodstock (NY) house.
  • "These are the noises ... but what is worse yet are the stillnesses" by Rainier Maria Rilke.

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