Over the years (too many to count), I have always taken pictures and this page provides linkages to some of my favorites. I started with 35mm on a Minolta, Nikon FM and Olympus XA. A few years ago (March 2000) I went digital (Nikon 950 which broke after 5,000 pictures [it's door broke on a fall but the camera itself still works.]. This was replaced with a used Nikon 990 and I haven't touched film since but I do intend to use film again. In 2004 I moved from film again as I now have a Nikon D70 Digital SLR with Nikon 18-70mm lens. In July 2006 I replaced the "ailing" 990 with a refurbished Nikon 4800 which is now my bicycle camera. In August 2006 I added a Nikon DX VRT 18-200mm lens for the D70. In fall of 2007 I added a Lumix LX2 for my bicycle camera. Great camera but difficult to use as it has a lens cap. In fall of 2008 (after having picked up a Canon 2MP Digital Elph for $5 at a yard sale) got a Canon 8MP Digital Elph which now is not only a bicycle camera but one I always have with me. In January 2009 I got a Nikon D90(body) 12MP w/HD Movie capability. In January 2010 I got a Canon S90. Will my camera buying ever end? A macro lens is my next purchase. And there will always be better cameras. No new cameras (well a tripod) in 2011-2012 but my bike camera has changed to the Canon S90 which now fits in my hip/wallet.

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