Leo un Autre Chat Noir

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Leo at 8 weeks May 8, 2004
  Leo at 8 weeks horning in on a willing nursing mother (not his) <i>5/8/04</i> <i>5/8/04</i> <i>5/21/04</i> <i>5/9/04</i> The disk drive (Blue Maxtor) is a warm bed ... Does the warrantee cover cat sleeping and hair? <i>5/12/04</i> Of course there is a PT Cruiser to cat handle. <i>5/12/04</i>  

On the indoor gymnasium (stairs)
  His favorite toy - a tiger tail. <i>5/25/04</i> Louie trying to teach Leo a little respect (and failing). <i>5/25/04</i> Leo on the indoor gymnasium - not quite the Letterman show performer like Louie. <i>6/16/04</i> <i>6/17/04</i> <i>6/17/04</i> <i>6/17/04</i>  

On the front porch
  <i>8/01/04</i> Must have seen a fly ... he is chattering. <i>8/01/04</i> Agile as only a cat can be.  No picture but he slides down this railing. <i>8/01/04</i> Looking up a support post that goes nowhere. He tried to climb it only once. <i>8/01/04</i>

Leo the kitten showing his hunter instincts in a tree
  Louie looking at Leo invade his private domain - a huge Douglas Fir that extends over the road. <i>7/05/04</i> Notice his hunting stance and attention. <i>7/10/04</i> Now what is looking at??  A bug?  A twig? <i>6/29/04</i> The object of Leo's rapt attention <i>6/29/04</i> <i>6/29/04</i> <i>6/29/04</i>  

Fence Sitting: Last day with a leash
  Sitting in the wisteria (Isn't that a song?) <i>8/16/04</i> Leo's last day on the leash - almost 6 months old. <i>8/16/04</i>   Leo amongst the leaves ... photo but not as nice as one of my favorites in 2004 - Neighbor cat in Leaves  <i>8/16/04</i>

Leo is seven months old - still a kitten 10/10/04
  <i>10/10/04</i> <i>10/10/04</i> <i>10/10/04</i> <i>10/10/04</i> <i>10/10/04</i>   <i>10/10/04</i>  

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