Louie un Chat Noir
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Louie in our home, 4 months old 7/23/02
  The day after he came home - about 4 months old, July 24, 2002 - with a cold, half starving and manic A few days later - July 27, 2002 July 27, 2002 His first day outside, in a tree (with leash and halter) 8/10/02 Another 8/10/02  

Louie's stupid pet trick (Well what could have been if Dave Letterman was doing it, and if Louie ever completed the trick - catching his tail while curling his body around a banister.

  It is about a 12 foot drop from this banister. Well he does have a nice butt! Louie has never caught his tail or fell off the banister (yet)  

November 2002

Christmas Day 2002

November 2002 - February 2003
  At rest on Louie's personal gynmasium A calm moment with his elderly companion Cody Cody in the grass early February 2003 (rolled in a ball for warmth) Louie in the grass early February 2003 (Too young to feel the chill)  

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