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Born May 15, 2007

Jubal and Roxane's daughter Nadine born October 3, 2005

Born October 3, 2005

Jonathan and Kristin's son Henry born July 20, 2004

Born July 20, 2004

Jubal and Roxane's daughter Georgia born June 4, 2002

Georgia Adele
Born June 4, 2002

Shauna and Pablo's sons Joshua(January 13, 1999) and Maximus(October 20, 2000

Joshua and Maximus
Born January 13, 1999 October 20, 2000

Kristin and Jonathan's marriage in Vancouver, BC May 28, 2001

Kristin & Jonathan's Wedding
May 28, 2001

January 2002 - Orlando Florida
Joshua's 3rd Birthday Party January 13, 2002
3yr Party
Sea World, Orlando Florida January 2002 with Jonathan and Kristin
Disney World Magic Kingdom and Epcot January 2002
Tarpon Springs, Florida A Greek sponge working village - January 2002
Clearwater Florida at the end of a rainy day - January 2002
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  2. These photos are copyright and permission must be granted from myself and any other family member that might be in the photo to use them in any way - either on the web or in printed format.
  3. Are you not a family member and do you like these photos and the way they are presented? I can be bought at a very reasonable price to either take the photos in the Seattle area or use photos you already have and place in a web viewable format (like on this page) or perhaps A Web search for glasses or pictures of loved animals or places. Please e-mail me if interested. I can also point you to a very reasonable place to host your web page or you may host it on your own Internet account.

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