Pictures of Michael Hoodes

Pictures of Michael Hoodes

These pictures are part of a "Me" series taken in 2004 and 2005 by myself ... I'm the best model for my pictures<grin>. The shots are facilitated by my Nikon 990 which has a swivel base and which is my bicycle traveling camera. The close-up on the left is taken with a Nikon D70, the other three are taken with a Nikon 990 on a bicycle shopping trip to the top of Queen Anne Hillin Seattle. The house on the right is one of my most favorite houses in Seattle. I will one day get a picture of it that I really like. A better picture of the house is here. Click on any of the above pictures for a bigger (1024x768) view.

Some of the following pictures were taken by Fred Bird and were also on the pages of the Cascade Bike Club in the last century.
Picture of Mike at Bike at I-90 overpass

This is taken overlooking the I-90 bridge in Seattle on one of the infamous Thursday night social bike rides in the late summer of 1996. If you look closely you'll see the "white klunker" mentioned later in my bicycling page. The picture on the right (by an unknown bikerider photographer) was taken in the late summer of 1997 and the bike has changed to a Bianchi EROS.

On a Ferry ride back from Bainbridge Island after a FRUMP bicycle ride in the summer of 1997. That's Seattle in the background (yeah I know you knew that!) and I'm a little bit puffed up with the wind. (photographer unknown)

of Mike at Shilsole with Wendell and Peter This includes Wendell Hultman (on the left) and Peter Davenport the international (UK) participant in the early '90's Thursday night bike rides in the middle. This was taken on the "beach" at Shilsole Bay(Golden Gardens Park) at the end of a mid-July day in 1996 and the smiles probably came from ....

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