Michael Hoodes Resume

Over 25 years experience in development, systems engineering and consulting with microcomputers, including their operating systems, connections and software applications, providing direct client support across a variety of major industries including ISP, Banking, Insurance, Medical, Process and Distribution.

Microcomputers (Intel Pentium), their hardware attachments and connections, Networks (Wired/Wireless), iPad, Kindle Fire1(Android 4.1), Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite.

Linux KDE[3.5-4.8], [Debian[Stable], eee PC[Xandros KDE, Easypeasy 1.5, UNR 9.10 gnome,Leenux V4], Apple iPad[OS 7.1], Ubuntu/Kubuntu[Dapper Drake,Feisty Fawn,Gutsy Gibbon,Hardy Heron,Jaunty Jackalope,Karmic Koala],Natty Narwhal, Gnome, XFE, Afterstep, fvwm, some Ancient Slackware, Microcomputer operating systems by IBM ,OS/2[1.0-WARP V4] and Microsoft (DOS[1.0-6.22], Windows[1.0-3.11], WFWG[3.11],WIN95, WIN98, WIN2K, WINXP, WINXP-PRO[SP3],VISTA Ultimate, Windows7 Ultimate). Internet[html], software applications for business professionals.

Website Management and Administration
Including changing and originating of html as required and acting as Webmaster. I was the Webmaster and SysAdmin for the www.cascade.org original site and am the Webmaster (more than a decade) for www.hoodes.com doing edit/maintenance/creation of html and edit/maintenance of cgi-scripts (original and public domain). I am comfortable with a Linux Apache server (Debian preferred) [Ask me why!]) environment but can work with other configurations as required. I would to do this on a part-time basis on site (in Seattle area) or remotely using SSH.

Cascade Bicycle Club
October 22, 2002 - July 1, 2003, Seattle, Washington
System Administration, Message Master of Temporary Cascade Bicycle Club Message boards site
October 2000 - October 21, 2002 (Main Web Site is now self-supported IIS), Seattle, Washington
Web Site Administration - Maintaining Server/Webmaster for Cascade Bicycle Club Web Site

N2H2 Inc.
1996-October 2000, Seattle, Washington
Low level Linux System Administration - Assisting the System Administrator with user related tasks.
Web Site Administration - Maintaining/acting as Webmaster forCascade Bicycle Club Web Site
Local Dial-Up Coordinator - Supporting dial-up users to n2h2.com, cascade.org, bess.net, rainier.net.

HERMESOFT Microconsulting
1992-1996, Seattle, Washington

Software Development - Two Shareware products for OS/2
Network Integration - OS/2 Workstations to NT server via TCP/IP

1980-1992, Seattle, Washington and New York City, N.Y.

Workstation Specialist - Supporting end users with personal computers and the software that runs and connects them (as above) including recommendation of operating systems, connectivity and specific products.

Information Center Specialist - Supporting end users with mainframe Graphics, Database and Reporting.

VM/CMS Specialist - Supporting end users with the usability of an interactive system.

1974-1979, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Project Manager, Programming Consultant (Time Sharing Service for End Users)

1968-1974, White Plains, N.Y.
Chief Programmer, Programmer (Assembler, Cobol, CICS)

1964-1968, Wyandanch, N.Y.
Mathematics Teacher (Grades 7-12)

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