Hermesoft Shareware

I produce software products under the aegis of the consulting company I have informally established called Hermesoft.
The informal nature comes from the simple fact that I don't have many clients or billings!

By the way, the name Hermesoft doesn't come from the old MSFT code word for Exchange (Hermes) ... but is a homage to my old cat Hermes(dearly departed) who lived on the East coast with my daughter. Hermes was named for the messenger at the gates of Hell (forgive me my fractured mythology's not one of my strong points.) ... but on to the software.

These offerings were designed by myself to satisy a a need I had when working with my computer when I was dialing to BBSes or Web Surfing.


UP/DOWN is a 32 bit OS/2 PM application written in Hockware VisPro Rexx. It is a maintainer of your upload and download directories. When we dial into a BBS, we usually establish some mail (reading and writing) and also download some files. If we dial into several BBSes, this reading/writing/downloading can be confusing and hard to keep track of. UP/DOWN solves this problem.

UP/DOWN has the Can't afford not to get it price of $10! and can be found at your local OS/2 BBS as UPDOWN.ZIP (It's right here too!) Download UPDOWN-177Kb...right now!

Heres a picture of UP/DOWN in action:

Picture of UP/DOWN


URLPASTE, a 32 bit OS/2 PM application also written in Hockware VisPro Rexx. URLPASTE's function in life is to send URL (Y'all know what that is don't you? - Universal Resource Locator) information to a Web browser. OK you say ...but I have a bookmark file on my browser and I use it! ...True enough ...One usage of URLPASTE is to maintain a file of URLS on your home computer and use URLPASTE to "feed" a the web browser you are using on a public access system (where you can't save bookmarks!). Specifically this situation occurs for me when I access the Seattle Public Library for Web Browsing.

Another usage of URLPASTE is to point it to a file (any ASCII file on your system) that you may have been accumulating for months/years and URLPASTE will extract ONLY the URL information from that file. Once you've got the extracted data, you can Edit, delete or add new entries and then save it so that it can be referenced as a collection of URL's either URLPASTE or your Web Browser (i.e. Web Explorer).

Enough said's a picture of URLPASTE

Picture of URLPASTE

URLPASTE has the Can't afford not to get it price of $10! and can be found at your local OS/2 BBS as URLPASTE.ZIP (It's right here too!) Download URLPASTE (161Kb)...right now!

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