Do 2 Ferries and a Bridge

[45 Miles, 2400 feet total elevation gain] Map Eagle Eye Map

I usually do this ride 2-3 times a year ... any season is good. Most of the ride is on tree-lined rolling Kitsap country roads and I really like it as I don't have to drive to get to the start and it's a loop with 2 ferry rides. In 1999 the Cantina cafe in Suquamish (where I always stop for lunch) is offering super good tasting Zesty red clam chowder (like coppolino). In 1997/8 the cafe served great geoduck chowder.

Suquamish is located on the Port Madison Indian Reservation and is home to the Suquamish Tribe. During the month of June much activity in Suquamish is centered around sale of fireworks which can be a little noisy around the 4th!

  • Start at Gasworks Park and go North to Edmonds (standard route)
  • Ferry from Edmonds/Kingston
  • At Kingston, take South Kingston Road (left turn) to Indianola
  • From Indianola, take Indianola Road and Miller Bay Road to Suquamish
  • Have lunch (either bring it with you or buy it at the cafe).
  • If you're not eating (or if you want a historic peek) take a visit to Chief Sealth's grave (that's who Seattle is named for) and/or the Suquamish Museum
  • Cross Agate Pass bridge Yes it's OK to ride it but 'scary' on the bridge road - if there is heavy traffic or if you don't want to ride it use the walkway to Bainbridge Island
  • Continue on 305 (there is a fine broad shoulder) and turn Left at about 1.7 miles past the bridge to Hidden Cove Road and follow a Chilly Hilly route of years past.
  • Cross the island on Hidden Cove Road until it ends and turn left on Phelps Road for less than a mile.
  • At the intersection of Spargur Loop and Port Madison roads you'll pass a Bainbridge Landmark - one of my favorites, probably a heritage from the 60's on Bainbridge.
  • You come to an intersection and you can take E. Euclid, Washington, or W. Euclid going North for less than 1/2 mile. From each of these roads, turn right (going East) on Lafayette.
  • Continue on Lafayette for about 1/2 mile and turn right (going South) on Sunrise Drive.
  • Optionally make a stop (shore) at Fay Bainbridge State Park which is to your left at the start of Sunrise.
  • Continue on Sunrise Drive (riding South for almost 5 miles). In 2002 I had an O'Brother 3 sirens experience on Sunrise Drive.
  • From Sunrise turn left on Valley to Manitou Beach Road.
  • Manitou Beach Road ends at 305, take a left just before 305 on Moran Road for about 1/2 mile and turn left at Lofgren Road
  • Turn right on Grand and go South to the Ferry terminal. Optionally you can take Ferncliff/Issac which is more of a straight shot.
  • You do have the option of taking 305 (at the end of Manitou Beach Road) directly to the ferry terminal - but that's not as pleasant as meandering along the shore. If you don't have a good map of Bainbridge to follow click: Eagle Eye Map of Bainbridge Map
  • Ferry from Winslow (old name - new name is "Bainbridge Island") to downtown Seattle
  • Take Alaskan Way, Myrtle Edwards Park drive, Nickerson, Fremont Bridge back to Gasworks Park
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