3 Sirens on Sunrise Drive
Bainbridge Island
Summer 2002

In 2002, midway on the rolling hills and dales of Sunrise drive on a hot August day, I had an experience of the O'Brother kind. Remember the sequence when 3 women (Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch) are in the river doing laundry and singing Didn't Leave Nobody but the Baby?

OK - Sunrise drive is not a river, but I stopped (midway between Lafayette and the Ferry probably at NE Roberts road) where 3 young women (High School juniors/seniors) were prettily smiling and offering free ice suckers! My oh my. The ice was wonderful. The enthusiasm and the smiles were also quite welcome. The young women said they were bored and were standing on the road for "excitement" ... It is Bainbridge Island isn't it? Unfortunately my camera was not used - I would love to share a picture!

Summer 2004 - update:
Although the memory is a few years old I still regret not having a photo. Well I have decided to manufacture this sequence on Bainbridge Island! All I need is 3 young women from 16 to 21 who will pose at the intersection on Bainbridge. I'd think we could all bicyle there but I suspect that won't work (Main reason is that I probably couldn't physically do the ride and secondly I suspect the 3 maidens and I would not be talking to each other by the time we got to the intersection which is at about mile 40) so we can take a car. I even think I could find some of the frozen "kool-aid" suckers. If there isn't a plethora of young maidens anxious to recreate it, I will create the scenario using the Gimp.

Summer 2004 - update 1:
After a month of the preceding quest, it's hard to believe but 3 maidens have not contacted me. Uhmmm, my own grandchildren (they'd be willing) are far too young (2 days to 5 years), geographically scattered, and of the wrong sex (1 female among them) to help me out. I did make a Bicycle trip to Bainbridge Island to search for the magic place. I did encounter my favorite Bainbridge Landmark.

I also found the intersection noted above (NE Roberts Road) and although it could be the place it did not feel like my memory. Two years of brush growth and a different time of the day could explain my feeling.
The ride I made was not a total loss (there was exercise and fine bicycling also) as when I came back on the Ferry (Bainbridge to Seattle) I was entertained (as is normal on that ferry) by 4 ageless itinerant folkies with an accordion playing music that varied from Kletzmer to Italian cafe. And Yes I have their picture. I do like this picture (That's Mt. Rainier in the background) but what is more important is that they had the exuberant aura of the 3 maidens I am looking for. I'm sure that if they lived in Bainbridge that they would reenact the 3 sirens saga but unfortunately I do not know their names or have contact info. I did have permission to take their photo and even put it on my personal web page - at which point the young woman on the right said " Sure probably going onto Mr. Nasty.com . I will have to keep riding on Sunrise Drive as it appears there is always a magical occurrence for me.