Southworth/Port Orchard via Fauntleroy

[26 Miles, 650 feet total elevation gain]

The road to Port Orchard is mainly along the shore (low tide in photo) or tree shaded roads.

This ride (relatively easy) was/is one of my favorites, as it's ambience, route and geography (with views of water, ferries, mountains) is always a pleasure.

  • Bike or drive to Fauntleroy in West Seattle
  • Take Ferry[schedule] to Southworth.
  • At a leisurely to moderate pace, bicycle alongside the sylvan countryside and coast to South Colby, Colby, Manchester, Waterman and finally Port Orchard.
  • One bypass to make is at Colby (I think) at the Espresso Cafe which has had a sign "SMOKERS ONLY" for many years - a bicyclists haven - NOT. (Mark the path name for your return trip.)
  • Best bring lunch (my favorite - "Pot Belly deli" has been closed since 1998) and eat it in the park looking towards Bremerton and the bevy of grey Navy ships
  • As an alternate, go to Square Lake (a yearly favorite of the FRUMP riders which was discovered by Mary K.) and circle around past Long Lake to the ferry. This makes the ride about 45 miles which is a bit more than leisurely!
  • Return to Southworth and if you have time (before next ferry) stop at the Southworth Store for a cold iced treat.
  • Take Ferry[schedule] home to Fauntleroy at West Seattle.
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