Century: Kent to Mt. Rainier and Back!
Previously known as "Erin's Back and Out Century"

[100.5 Miles, 2460 feet total elevation gain]
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This ride was usually held in late June by Erin Laine (and Bill) and it's social pace and marvelous route placed it among my favorite rides. Also the fact that I could ride a century (albeit one a year) on my "white klunker" brought me a lot of joy!

I have led the ride with Dan Hershman in 1999 on Sunday August 8. In 1997 and( 1998 I led the ride with Dan Hershman riding my new Bianchi Eros with a bit faster pace! It's still enojoyable and one of my favorite rides.

It goes from the "lowlands" of Kent to a gradual ascent (we do go to the base of Mount Rainier!) which some folks (DH) insist should be called HILLY. It ends up at Carbon River ranger station (which has been closed since 1996 - no water!) and concludes with a marvelous descent (remember there was an ascent). Ride is long (it is 100 miles at a social /moderate pace) and usually ends around 6 or 7 PM.

In 1997 5 riders did it (weather was quite foreboding), in 1996 - 18 and in 1995 - 7. In 1998, the weather was hot (a bank thermometer in Auburn read 97 degrees) and we had 25 riders. (22 did the full century!)
In 1999, there were 34 riders and the weather was "perfect" - cloudy in low 70's for first half, 80's and sunny for the last half/quarter.

  • Meet in Kent Russell Road parking lot at 8AM
  • Meander through urban sprawl (low grade) to Sumner
  • Meander somemore to Orting and South Prarie
  • Start climbing to Wilkison and Carbonado - Enjoy the views!
  • Reach the Carbon River Ranger Station (1,830 feet elevation) and have a lunch and brief pause. If you can stand the cold, wade in the glacial river! Be glad you brought water as there is no drinking water!
  • Descend 2460 feet back to Wilkison!
  • Proceed to Black Diamond through Buckley
  • Go to Auburn on the lush rolling Green River Valley road
  • Return to Kent and Russell Road

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