[generally 35-40 Miles, 1500-2000 feet total elevation gain]

Frumps at Square Lake (Kitsap County)

FRUMP is a Cascade Bicycle Club ride held on Fridays (all year long!) and stands for "Friday Ride for Unemployed Merry Pedalers". The Frump rides were started several years ago by a few biking women who had suffered injuries (the 'ol biker's knee) and wanted a "leisurely" ride to keep riding.

But here's the real history as told to me by one of the three original biking women on a warm summer night in 2003 on the terrace of a Mexican restaurant in Fremont (Seattle) after doing a Thursday Night Social Bicycle Ride.

The FRUMP ride started in 1985 when a dental assistant, lawyer and night emergency nurse wanted to ride together when one (dental assistant) had knee surgery. The pace had to be slow and leisurely to accommodate the recent surgery thus the name FRUMP was used to describe the ride. (FRUMP means frumping along at a snails pace).

The three women (since the ride was on a Friday which was a free day for all 3) named the ride Friday Ride for Unemployed Maiden Pedalers. The UNEMPLOYED was not only a good word for the "U" but it was the status of the three women on Friday - one worked evening shift, another was between jobs and the last had Friday off.

After a few years men wanted to ride with the women and it was thought to call the ride GRUMP ... G for gentlemen. In 1988 one of the 3 got married and the Maiden went to Married. The actual intention was to change the Maiden to Merry but an overzealous newsletter editor mistook Merry for Married. And the FRUMP ride appeared that way in a few copies of the club's newsletter.

Of course, you are free to exchange the Unemployed to Underemployed or Employed (but then it becomes FREMP) and the Merry to Merriest or Married if you like.

The ride has evolved to a pace more than leisurely (sometimes a healthy downhill moderate) with a varied group of riders (male, female, old, young). If you're ever free on a Friday, come join this friendly and sociable group (mixed ages and skills) on a ride which if not challenging will be both an exercise and a pleasant ride.

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