Le Fournil, ltd. French Bakery

Looking South on Eastlake Avenue at the bakery entrance. The structure at the upper right is I-5 (two decks) entering Seattle City (Ship Canal). The path to Interlaken will go to the left up Harvard Avenue.


The pastry goodies - For lunches, a baguette with filling, a soda and a pastry (under $2) can be had for $6.99 ($8.99 in 2009). I always hesitate to get the "full" lunch - there's no way you can burn off the calories from those lucious desserts. Le Fournil, ltd. is a French bakery and has breads and rolls also. They supply many supermarkets with the "designer" pastries.


Looking North, there is a marked bike path in the road and that's the University Bridge just past the Blue truck. Automobile traffic is pretty heavy and constant. Please go to the Le Fournil, ltd. website for detailed menu items and a map.

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