Jack Pass
(From Skykomish to Index)

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[46 Miles, 2310 feet total elevation gain]

Actual peak of Jack Pass
This is the actual peak of Jack Pass ... can you say "anticlimatic"? However lack of a majestic peak doesn't take away the feeling of accomplishment reaching the 2600 Foot peak after 5 miles of dirt riding nor does it detract from the pleasure of the ride..

This really should be called "Wendell's Pass", as Wendell Hultman lead this Cascade ride for many years in the last century - usually the last weekend in July. In 1998, Wendell is leading the ride on Saturday August 22nd. If you're going to go ...try and go with Wendell to learn the route Gmaps Pedometer (I didn't do it in 1998 and Wendell hasn't led this ride in recent years).

  • Park your car at the Skykomish high school
  • Go up 8 miles on a paved county road. (You'll go to Jack pass in a counter clockwise direction)
  • Road turns dirt/stony (road/cross bikes CAN do it) and goes 5 miles to the summit (2600 feet)
  • Descend 4-5 miles on a very steep dirt/stony road (we're talking hand fatigue from gripping the brakes extremely hard)
    [Rumour has it that the DOT has been planning to pave over the dirt/rocks of Jack Pass to facilitate RV traffic... Check before you go... dirt/rocks is preferrable to paved land cruiser road!]
  • After you think your hands will cramp up and that your bike will disintegrate, payback is a descent of 10 miles of sweet (paved, tree lined) traffic-free road to Index for lunch
  • Return to Skykomish is along highway 2
    Interesting Note and Caution: On a ride scheduled for July 13, 2003 by the Cyclists Of Greater Seattle Club -C.O.G.S and Mountaineers to Jack Pass - they intended to bypass the Route 2 segment by shuttling cars from Skykomish to Index. I went on this ride 5 years ago and the road might have become more dangerous in 2003 - I do remember that one year Route 2 was closed to cars (avalanche danger) which was OK but that is not a normal occurence. This ride is NOT for novice or beginning bicycle riders.
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