Mercer Island Loop (Counter Clockwise)

Google Pedometer Map of Route

[37 Miles, 1500 feet total elevation gain]

This loopGmaps Pedometer is my "utility" ride ... the one I'll take if no other ride is available. It's a pretty standard circuit from my house in Queen Anne ...Burke Gilman Trail to Lake Washington Blv'd, taking the bypass at Leschi to climb to the I-90 bridge and a counter clockwise ride around Mercer Island. What makes this ride so pleasant is it's generally along pleasant bike surrounding (i.e. trees, lake, houses) and the special treat which awaits you on the East side of the Island ... the 6-10 switchbacks (one of these days I'll count 'em) which lets you exercise your bike gears for an exciting few miles.

Now for a utility ride, I'd like to be able to do it in a few hours but I do tend to dawdle ...particularly in the Summer ... at Clark park on the south side of Mercer which never has any-one using it (well hardly never) and at Leschi park on the way back which in the past has had some dynamite "soul" (Uhmm I guess that's an outdated unpc adjective but no matter in 1996 it wasn't there) barbecue available. (Yeah Yeah I know, burn some calories on the ride and then eat it all back!)

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