1997-2005 Thursday Night Ride photos

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  08/17/2000: Summer afternoon Gasworks Park waiting for the ride to start. 08/17/2000: Bob and Sue - I mean Sue and Bob 08/17/2000: Our fearless leader - Scott 08/17/2000: Rapunzel of the Fremont Bridge 08/29/2002: Anastasia, Scott and Sally 08/29/2002: A group about to start from Gasworks Park 08/29/2002: Bob and Sue 08/29/2002: Waiting for RTS (Not Godot) - Ride to Start  

  08/29/2002: Robert fixing a flat near Greenlake 08/1999: Kinnear Park - Queen Anne 09/12/1997: Barlees during last century - yes that's Rampa, Jayne and Claudia too! 08/29/2002: Scott and Anastasia +++ 09/12/1997: Jack and Scott on a thursday in the last Century. 08/17/2000: Lying down looking at the sky waiting for Thursday ride to start. 07/19:2003: Sally, Margo, Claudia (with arms up in the air et al. old Bechtel) 07/19:2003: ??? and Sue - Hawthorne Hills  

  07/19:2003: Hawthorne Hills 07/19:2003: Hawthorne Hills 07/19:2003: UW Fountain 07/19:2003: UW Fountain - view of Mt. Rainier 08/26/2003: Pausing in Madrona for view of I-90 Bridge and Mt. Rainier 08/26/2003: A mug shot of Scott, Sally, Michael(me), Sue, Barb and Joe 09/17/2003: Dinner at Tawon Thai in Fremont - 2003 07/12/2001: Magic house on Queen Anne - Nob Hill Avenue  

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