2006 Thursday Night Social Ride photos

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  Looking South from Denny Blaine neighborhood. Bob, Adriane and Scott looking at the view in the previous slide. On the Burke-Gilman ... unusal to see a band practicing there. Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery Same Cemetery - That's Jeff and Richard leading the pack. Uhmm call it generic sound view ...<br>I don't think it's Sunset Park or Carkeek but where else could it be? On a dock of the UW Fishery school - that's Lake Union. We went downtown to the Bottega Italiano<br>Gelato place on 1st Ave at Pike Place Market.  

  More ice cream and it was yummy! On the East shore of Lake Union ... sunny house boats. On the Aurora Avenue overpass,<br>Scott is telling us about the dirt path next to Zoo that we will be going on. Thas Aurora Avenue under the overpass (goes from Woodland park to Woodland Zoo). Melissa, Scottie and Nan in Laurelhurst. That's Corine and Richard still in Laurelhurst. Sally is casting shadows on one of my favorite late day shots. Waiting for stragglers.  

  Pausing after a hill climb. Stopping over Ravenna Park in Ravenna/U-District neighborhood.<br>This picture shows why a bystander called our group Our fearless, socially adept, beloved leader Scott. Christine and Alex - caught during their only 2006 half Thursday ride. Mark and Casey at Gasworks Park. At the UW Fountain. Casey on the summit of Scott's Bhy Kracke Park Queen Anne Challenge<br>(up 5th Avenue and through a maze).  

  Richard and Steve at Queen Anne viewpoint (looking East) Thas me at Gasworks. Scott and Andrew. Sally. Scott arriving at Gasworks. Corine (Coco). Andrew and Scott.  

  Andrew, Scott and Jean. At Carkeek park ...<br>It wasn't that dark but the camera helped with it's exposure. Invading touristville - overlooking Kerry Park and Seattle below on Queen Anne. Corine and Sally with the Jeff, Allison and Melissa.  

  Casey. Late afternoon at Foster Island. In earlier hotter times this was a swimming spot for the Thursday riders. Still at Foster Island - preparing to leave. Probably on a UW Fisheries school dock looking West.  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were
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