2007 Thursday Night Social Ride photos

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  Some of the Thursday riders on the UW campus in spring. What? Me dressed for Rain? (Another spring image) Waiting for a Thursday night bicycle ride to start Waiting ... Waiting ... Sue ... Nicole in the background Waiting ... Waiting ... ?? Tyler, Andrew, Scott, Patrica Marko - may he prosper well in Palm Springs.  

  José and Robert Crossing the locks (from Ballard to Magnolia) More crossing the locks Detour through the Seattle Art Museum new waterfront outdoor exhibits  ...  that's a Calder (I think) The space needle from Volunteer Park Dave and Pete in Volunteer Park (Asian museum in background.) Andrew, Scott and Patricia  

  These gentlemen ( ? and Pete) are quite Reddy. On the Fremont bridge (going to Queen Anne) that's Richard in the foreground. On Kerry viewpoint (Queen Anne) looking at Seattle downtown. A me picture at the Kerry viewpoint. Steve in a Susan in a  

  ??(French) and Scott in a Nicole and Pete waiting for a ride to start. A late day shot at Fisherman's Terminal in Magnolia. Fremont Dock - (Our eating place for 2006/7) Melissa, Tyler, Nancy, and ... and José. ..., Nancy and Scott. And here I am with a flash shot gone wrong. And finally this is Saga our well serving  hostess, bar maid and waitress. Of course she is always in motion serving not only the bicyclists but other clients in the bar.  

  And here is a better shot of Saga - taking our money. Sunset Park at sunset time. More Sunset park with Tyler, Joe and Robert Scott and Sherrie Coco (Corine) overlooking a marina, a ferry and Bainbridge Island. A view West from Sunset Park. The last stop of the last Thursday Night Ride for 2007.  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were
taken by Michael with a Nikon 4800 Digital camera and are
©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - Thursday Rides 2007.

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