2009 Thursday Night Social Ride photos

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  I am starting this page with one of my favorite pictures - The Group at Kerry Park which had all the right lighting and includes not only the group but a nice Seattle skyline. The last pic on this page is also a favorite of mine. At UW pond Dell, Susan, Robert, Ben, Emily, Joe Scott and group at Woodland Park At the upper road of Volunteer Park. No I don't know what that floating surveillance thing is.  

  Richard, group Travis, Coco, Lenny, Barbara, Kevin, Ian, Johnnie May, Eva, George, Lynda On the UW Quad looking West (that's George Washington) On the UW Quad UW Quad Jack being surrounded by femme fatales on UW Quad  

  Sally Travis Sally, Jack Jack, Scott, Michael, Travis, Joe Mark, Yetta Lynda, Sally Emily, Kris  

  Joe, Michael Scott, Emily Allison, Andrew Coco, Scott, Andrew Richard Emily filling in a blank of the sculpture Robert I guess doing what is an annual disrobe. What's that belly doing there?  

  Scott At Carkeek Park - just before sunset Sandie enjoying the panaromic view of Bainbridge and Olympics Coco The famous fairy wings worn by Emily Shaun, Linda and ? Claudia Sandie, George looking South at I-90  

  Three Generations Kevin, Ian and Johnnie Fink Robert Robert, Michael, Tom Waiting on the Fremont Bridge Lynda, group on Fremont Bridge On a Queen View (Looking West) That's Kris with the bike up. Kris Scott, Travis  

  Travis, Del, Scott, Emily ... at Ballard Viewpoint looking West Taking a break at Myrtle Edwards Park Travis at Myrtle Edwards Park Closeup Travis I like this photo but the 2 Asian folks are not a usual part of the group and in fact only went for a few miles on one ride  before disappearing. That's Ben on the left and Bill on the right. Lynda, Robert, Emily's Fairy Wings, Scott Stopping to see a crane at the UW Wetlands, Del, Lynda Coco, Michael after a swim at Fisher Island  

  Scott, Richard Joe, Kris Elaine, Sandie on a moonlight meander Eva, Travis, Tom and Kris Kris, Catlin A joyous group after Scott got his medal/cake for the 20th Anniversary of the Thursday ride. A favorite pic of mine and I know why they are smiling. Do you?  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were
taken by Michael with a Canon 1100 SD1100IS, Lumix LX2, and Nikon D70 Digital cameras and are
©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - Thursday Rides 2009.

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