2010 Thursday Night Social Ride photos

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  Scott arriving for the start of a ride Our fearless leader lending ... Sean waiting for Godo... I mean the thursday ride start. I think it was Sean who took the shot, but what am I pointing at? Steve airing his tire. Elaine the Unicorn showing off her STP thingee. And here's Emily with her classic Fairy Wings which was also a STP thingee.  

  Del and ... The men in blue. Lynda is telling Bruce ... nah you don't want to know. Scott is telling the group ... yes you do want to know. Scott talking to Lynda. Steve and Elaine Claudia Crossing University Avenue to get to UW At the UW  

  At the UW On the UW quad - where I always like the pictures I take here. Looking West from the quad, a statue of George Washington (my birth man) Coming out of the I-90 Tunnel. In Laurelhurst ? That's Kevin and Ian biking up with  Eva and Sandi in the foreground. On the 24th Ave Overpass On the Burke Gilman On the Burke Gilman  

  Uhmm must be a playground in Fremont. Kim Lords of the mount, in Queen Anne 13th avenue looking West as the sun is setting. That's Emily and Scott. On the way to Madison (we had just climbed a little hill) On Nickerson, coming from ship canal trail and going to Magnolia. Fisherman's Terminal - which is working port for fishing boats - going to Alaska. Lynda In the wilds of Wedgewood?  

  Downtown - at least the start of downtown. Seattle Center - No we didn't ride throughthe fountain. UW Wetlands - Scott and Coco at Fremont Dock dinner (r to l) Emily, Bruce and Richard at Fremont Dock dinner Steve and Elaine and others at Fremont Dock dinner Emily and Bruce at Fremont Dock dinner Elaine, daughter and Steve at Fremont Dock dinner  

  Eva and Scott at Fremont Dock dinner at Fremont Dock dinner at Fremont Dock dinner Sean at Fremont Dock dinner Scott, Emily and ... at Fremont Dock dinner Sean at Fremont Dock dinner Kim at Fremont Dock dinner Del at Fremont Dock dinner  

  Me at Fremont Dock dinner (Pic taken by Sean) Sean, Mark and ... at Fremont Dock dinner Eva and Elaine at Fremont Dock dinner Is the group smiling cuz I didn't go on the ride?  

Video of Thursday Night Bicycle Riders dinner at Fremont Dock 08/26/10
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The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were taken by Michael with Canon 1100 SD1100IS,
Canon S90 and Nikon D90 digital cameras and are ©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - Thursday Rides 2010.

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