2013 Thursday Night Social Ride photos

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  Waiting for Ride to start at Gasworks Waiting for Ride to start at Gasworks Waiting for Ride to start at Gasworks Scott, Les and Tod Kim and Emily At the lookout in Madrona??? I90 and Mt. Rainier Scott, Tod and Steve Emily and Scott  

  Robert and Kris Travis Travis, Scott and Robert (is that a pain gesture or???) Shaun At Seattle Center Fountain Scott on overpass from Downtown Seattle to Myrtle Edwards park Scott on overpass Jim and Greg on the overpass  

  Me on the overpass Me on the overpass (with sun starting to set) Greg and Jim Jim and Richard Richard and Scot Travis and Brian Travis  

  Scott's trusty steed (well just one from his herd  of steeds) Scott's Full Moon Midnight Ride Scott's Full Moon Midnight Ride (That's Seattle in the BG - duh) Scott and riders from Indiana who came to the ride from listing in the Courier. Kim and Emily Greg and Jim Steve and Emily Jim, Robert, Emily Greg, Kim waiting for Montlake Bridge  

  On the UW dock as sun is setting Scott and Emily Jim arriving at GasWorks Park Barbara and Kim Merlin and Scott Jim, Jim and Barbara Barbara At Guess Where - Yup at Seattle Center Fountain and I have to learn to stand straight when in a picture!  

  Ellen, Sally? and Chuck Queen Anne Kerry Park (Tourist favorite) We  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were taken by Michael with Canon S90 and Nikon D70 digital cameras and are ©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - Thursday Rides 2013.

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