Thursday Night Social Ride 8/27/09 photos (1024x681)

I brought my "big" camera (Nikon D70) to the ride and this was the last ride for 2009, here are some photos from that ride.

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  Scott coming up from Gasworks (bg) at start of ride Scott in a quiet time before the Elaine, Sandie and Joe Sally Sandie Dave Del Eva and John  

  Travis Dave Del, Eva, John Sally, Jack Elaine, George Mae Elaine and Sandy  

  Kris Lynda with a Mark and ? Scott and me and others Richard and Dell Mark and Yetta John and Eva  

  Lynda and Sally Barbara waiting on Fremont Bridge for all the riders Elaine Riders waiting At a Western Queen Viewpoint Jack taking a picture of us Another picture - into the sun  

  My favorite group picture - At Kerry Park a South Eastern Queen Anne Viewpoint The same pic but with me in it taken by a bystander See even us well ordered bicyclists can be a little bit disorganized Corrine (Coco) John and Eva Kris at the 3rd Queen Anne viewpoint - North Western  

  Travis and Dave P. Finally a Medal Giving ceremony at Fremont Doc celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Thursday Night Social Ride.  

The photo(s) on this page and pages subsequent from this page were taken with
Nikon D70 and Canon SD 1100 IS digital cameras and are ©opyrighted by Michael Hoodes - 08/27/09 Ride Photos

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