Thursday Night Social Ride 20th Anniversary 8/27/09

2009 is the 20th Anniversary of The Thursday Night Social Ride. Well they do say - Time flies when you are having fun. The party was held at the Fremont Dock (our normal eating place after the ride) on August 27, 2009. There was a commemorative medal and a chocolate cake (What more would you want?). Here are a few photos from the event. There is also a page for the actual bicycle ride which was a loop around Queen Anne viewpoints.

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  My oh my what does Scott see in the box? We do know he likes chocolate. Here's a closeup of the delicious cake. Brian is giving a very contented and happy Scott the commemorative medal. Closeup of the medal given to Scott commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Thursday ride.<br><small>Nota Fotograhie: I apoligize for the poor quality of this picture. What you see is the result of shutter press movement. I forgot to set a delay of 2 secs which would have fixed it.</small> Scott is giving his thanks. <br><small>Nota Fotographie: Don't take flash photos of people in glasses. Glasses red-eye is a pain to eliminate.(Auto redeye removal didn't work.)<small> I really like this picture. Just another happy moment for the  

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