Scott's Thursday Night Social Ride
Previously known as "Jack and Scott's Thursday Night Social Ride""

[generally less than 20 Miles, 600-1100 feet total elevation gain]

Jack Tomkinson and Scott Kralik have been leading (alternating each week) this leisurely paced ride for 10 years. In August of 1999 there's some recent photos and also there was a "nasty" rumor that this year (the 10th) would be the last of these great rides. All folks who've ridden with Scott and Jack over the years were invited to join what might be the last ride (Hey change is good!) on August 26, 1999 at 6:30pm at Gasworks Park.

Keep Thursdays open - Thursday rides are on again!

There will be a 27th season of Thursday Gasworks Social rides led by Scott! They are held from the first Thursday in June to the last Thursday in August.

The Twenty-Fifth season ended August 28, 2014 and a fine 25th party was held at Blue Moon Hamburgers with champagne and chocolate cupcakes on the plaza adjacent to the Fremont Bridge. Much thanks to Emily Transue who arranged the whole fesitive occassion.

The Twentieth season ended on August 27, 2009 and a fine commemorative party was held at the Fremont Dock. There is also a page for the actual bicycle ride which was a loop around Queen Anne viewpoints.

Slide Show 2015 Thursday Riders
Slide Show 2014 Thursday Riders
Collages of all Thursday Bicycle Rides for each year were made by use of the Microsoft Research Autocollage program". The collages are in both low and high resolution.

The ride starts at 6:30PM at Gasworks Park and invariably takes as many as 40-50 bikers (usually 10-15) on a tour through Seattle back streets and alleys that is sure to be both enjoyable and on routes you haven't travelled before. (I've been going on these rides for about 25 years and some of the routes are still new ... well maybe my memory is slipping.) After the ride, a good percentage of the group retires to an eatery in Fremont (for the past few years Barlees [2002 update - Barlees is no longer (Edmonds restaurant closed in 2011) - it has morphed to Tawon Thai which was the eatery of choice 2002-2003. In 2004/2005 the weekly eatery was the Essential Baking Company. Unfortunately in 2006, Essential closed it's evening hours.

In 2006-2011, the group ate at a Sports Bar - what? - the Fremont Dock which with the Washington state no smoking law works OK. For 2012 we ate at Blue Moon Hamburgers in Fremont with a few trips to Ivars as the Fremont Dock was closed for reconstruction. But happily in 2013 we will be eating at Fremont Dock as the reconstuction is finished. Actually we didn't eat at the Dock in 2013 as it was "taken over" by hundreds of drinking college students playing a strange form of Bocci. We supped at Blue Moon Hamburgers. In 2015 we couldn't eat at Blue Moon as they closed at 9PM.

Luckily for us in 2015 we switched to the The Nickerson Street Salooon I say luckily as the Saloon has a full menu, many beers and also has outdoor dining which we used most of the time. We also had a wonderful waitress in 2015.

Come join us after work at 6:30 PM on summer Thursday nights at Gasworks Park and enjoy some non-competitive social bicycling at a leisurely pace.

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