1998 London/Paris vacation

Here's some photos of our vacation to Europe in 1998, September 30 to October 13 1998. It was to London and Paris and we used Go Ahead Vacations for only accomodations and flights.

The pages are moderately graphic intensive (3-5 jpegs of 30,000 bytes each for a total of about 150,000 bytes per page) and you're welcome to peruse as you like ... but these pages are mostly a convenience for my family to view.

They are just a start ... I have over 100 jpegs which I'll place on these pages throughout the winter. Imagine ... 10-20 shots of Paris buildings and 10-20 shots of English bike commuters on Old Brompton Road and even a few cemetery shots! I bet you can't wait can you?

London and Paris - Page 1

More Paris - Page 2

Rye England - A day trip - Page 3

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