Photos of Michael and Kerry's Vacation 1998

1998 London/Paris vacation [2]

Rue Lepic grocery Since we were staying in Montmarte we did a lot of walking up the hill and when we went at sundown, the street was crowded with locals buying their dinner. This is just a typical grocer with his colorful wares.

This is just another street in Montmarte (Rue Lepic) which is a view looking down the hill ... it's a little rainy (Most of our stay in Paris was such) and it's towards the end of the day. A street in Montmarte

Metro station Bastille We passed the Bastille station several times and I really liked the view from the train of the river outside. I stopped on the platform one day and tried to capture it... uhmmm I don't like it but here it is anyways. I probably should have used more depth of field and played with it a bit as it's a classic backlit photo and maybe I will adjust it!

Here's a semi-classic photo of US taken at the tip of Ile Saint Louis on the quai by none other than Maryse. As usual in our Paris stay, it was rainy and cloudy ... This is the Seine looking up towards the Ile De La Cité. No I can't explain my posture! Michael and Kerry


Michael on a

This is the final photo for this page and it isn't even Paris. It's actually Rye England (where we took a day trip). The significance is one of the things I did a bit on our trip (to the consternation of Kerry) was to take a flop on any dry bench I found! Of course I wasn't just resting my sore feet (miserable shoes) but taking tiny observational analyses to enhance my comprehension of the foreign shores I was travelling.

Photos with Nikon/FM by Michael Hoodes - November 1998

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