1998 London/Paris vacation [3]

We made a day trip from London to Rye on the coast (south-east of London) which was a 2 hour train ride from Charing Cross Station. We went to Rye as I had intended to go to Rye, rent a bicycle, and then bike to Tenterden to try and find a rememberance from 20 years ago which was given to me by a young girl in Victoria station and has been on my key chain ever since. Our cat sitter (in Seattle) also highly recommended Rye. The village itself has been preserved and is a favorite (apparently) for English day-trippers.

A typical street in Rye England The roads are cobbled, the houses bricked and gabled and the sidewalks tiny. This is a fairly typical cutesy street in Rye. To me it was a bit too cute but I guess it's much more acceptable than the 20th century village reality that we are used to.

Some famous writers hung out in Rye - here Kerry is standing in front of James Lamb's residence.

Ouch --- did I ever get this one wrong! But thanks to a viewer in late 2001, here's the correct info: The Lamb house was so named for the Lamb family of Rye which gave the town several mayors (including the one who ended up judging the trial of the butcher John Breed who, thinking he was killing the mayor, killed the mayor's brother-in-law instead). The author Henry James lived there for a time.

Lamb Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family house in Rye, England

Looking from Rye This is looking out from the "castle" towards the English Channel and Hastings . I'm not sure of the history but Rye used to be a port on the channel and then around 900 or 1000 the water receded and this is the view of what used to be the sea.

This isn't really Rye but the beach at Hastings (Remember 1066 and all that the battle of Hastings?). We took a bus ride from Rye to Hastings which is relatively large and quite the "lower class" Seaside area - much like the area I grew up in - Rockaway Beach. A view of the beach (pebbled and all) is much the same although this is the English channel and not the Atlantic Ocean. The beach at Hastings England


Michael on a bench

This is the last of my photos for this page and yes it was on the previous page. This was in the back yard of a mini-castle in Rye. The "castle" was important back when there was a sea outside and the French were trying to invade. It had it's arms and prison cells which made it memorable.

I got an interesting e-mail in the spring of 2000 from someone in the Midwest (USA) who told me that I was sitting in the cemetery of his ancestors - about 90% were his family. I didn't even see the headstones until I looked at the picture again.

Oops I made another "goof" - (Thanks to a viewer in the summer of 2004 from the UK who actually grew up in Rye) The mini-castle I describe above is actually St Mary's Church which dates back over 900 years!

Here's a better view of the front of the castle which I've borrowed from a home page for Rye New York which incidentally has some info about Rye England.

Photo of Rye borrowed from NY
Rye site

View of Rye England

For more information about Rye, look at the Town of Rye site in the UK or a pleasant site about the Rye Nature Reserve.

Photos with Nikon/FM by Michael Hoodes - November 1998

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